Friday, January 22, 2010

Cats, cats, I have lots of cats.

The boss man of the barn.
He is lovable and sweet. We have no idea where he came from. He had a brother we called Ying but he decided some place else was better living quarters. Then 4 more young cats appeared and then 6 more little bitty ones. I know there is a big black cat living under the shed where Bob has his horseshoeing stuff. Wilder than wild. Could be the mother of the bitty ones but don't know. How do the people who dump these sweet critters off know if we will feed and take care of them. Grrrrrrrrr. It makes me mad. All but one or two of the bitty ones are friendly, the others don't want to be touched. We have no rodents in the barn.
The word tomorrow is BEAUTY.
That to me is going to be easy. There is beauty all around us if we look.
I have a very sick goat. The goat lady down the road does not give me much hope of him pulling through. He has pneumonia. Probably from this crazy up and down weather. I hate it. He looks so sick. We gave him a big double shot of antibiotics and that is all we can do. Shannon is a vet tech and she raises goats. I appreciate her so much. Oliver is about 9 years old. I have had him since he was 3 months old.
I have to go to Ellensburg tomorrow for a Washington State Horsemen state board meeting. Its about a 2 1/2 hr. drive. I usually go and stay the night but the meeting doesn't start until noon so I will just go for the day.
Hope your Saturday is happy.


  1. Sorry to hear about your goat. I hope he's on the mend soon!
    I bet it is nice to have barn cats to take care of the mice. I'd be awful w/barn cats though, I'd want to befriend and try to tame them all! :) It disgusts me when people drop off cats. Especially when they aren't neutered or spayed and then just have more wild kitties.

  2. I sure hope the goat pulls through. We have three outside cats and two inside. All are neutered and spayed after we had a rampant respiratory illness kill most of three litters of kittens. Could not go through that again, ever! One cat is ten years old.

  3. Your poor goat - I know he has you worried. Any pet you've had that long has become family! blessings, marlene