Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday "S" Goodby January

These are Bob's spurs that he bought when he was about 12. He bought them in a feed store. The brand is Hercules. They were appraised once for about 500.00. Bob does not wear them to ride anymore, they hang on the wall.
This is our last picture of the challenge. Thank you each one of you who entered into the challenge and had fun with it. If anyone else wants to head one up, let me know. My little box is empty of words. I would be happy to do one with someone else choosing the words. Thank you so much. It was fun wasn't it?
Also, you must comment on this blog by 10.00 Pacific Time February 1, which is tomorrow. I will have a number chosen by Bob, he is clueless what we have done so it will truly be unbiased. Then I will get the pretty little candle holder off to who ever wins.
I did not do anything with Rusty today. It was drizzley and windy. Bob did though. He caught her and went on a little walk and took her into the barn and into Peppers stall. He left her there about five minutes and then led her out. She was a little heads up today but with the wind I was not surprised. Tomorrow rain or shine she and I will do some things.
Have a good Monday.


  1. Yes, January is over. Thank God. Now we survive February. Sigh. It is sunny here, for awhile. Need to stack wood and clean the barn before it snows again....tomorrow. The word journey was fun and I enjoyed seeing what you would create. Rusty will come around. I just love her.

  2. I love the spurs Lea - I'm not sure I've ever seen the real thing before. :) blessings, marlene