Monday, January 25, 2010

WILD Monday

She must have had an itch. I took this thru the window with my long lens. She wasn't too concerned about my stopping the car and sitting there.
Tomorrow's word is DROOPY.
Finally got my prescriptions all picked up today so think I will have a little more get up and go when the proper levels get where they should again. Sometimes my ideas about not taking them are not helpful.
Rusty is certainly a poop sometimes. She does not want to be a gentled horse very often. The weather has been so winter like she has not been worked a whole lot. BUT, she loves apples. She would do just about anything for an apple. She would not take them from me when I was in the pen until today. I told her she was not going to get an apple if she did not take it from me when I was in the pen with her. She finally did. She got three or four halves of apples from my hand. Cody was jealous but he got some too. I think we may have found a key to getting thru to her. I hope so.
Yesterday after church and after visiting with the baby and his sister, we went to lunch at the Rusty Moose in Airway Heights. We received a gift card from our friends Terri and Kurt Carstens. Thank you so much Terri and Kurt. We have enough to go to breakfast sometime on the same card. You don't know how much we appreciate it. We will come and finish what we started in the spring.
We woke up to snow this morning. Just because I said we probably have some. Then it turned into rain and then it turned into heavy pea soupy fog. Winter.
Have a Tuesday better than today.


  1. Today we had snow. Then more snow. And, as I sit here waiting for SO to make it home from Chicago, MORE snow. Sigh. It is January.

  2. Great picture, made me chuckle!

  3. You're getting some great pics with that long lens! We went to the Rusty Moose Friday for their mozzarella sticks--like a big calazone with yummy dipping sauces. We usually go there and share an app.

  4. There are times Lea, when I'd do anything for an apple too. :) Or chocolate. blessings, marlene

  5. Remind me of the Bear scratching her ear during birth the other day :)