Sunday, January 24, 2010

MOVEMENT on Sunday

What better example could there be. This is Coyote Ice Cream aka as Cody to me. He was having a good time.
Tomorrow's word is WILD
Me and Nathanial having a discussion. We stopped to visit after church today. He was wide awake and seemed to enjoy our conversation. We didn't solve any of the world problems but we talked about them.

Nathanial. Isn't he a dolly?

Papa Great having a good time with Liliana his big sister. She loves her Papa Great. Me, not so much but she does love him.

She wanted to come see the horses and this is how we had to leave her. Complete with a cowboy hat and shoes. She probably would not have gotten any further than the car but she thought she wanted to come with us. I felt so sad, almost cried with her.
Church was good this morning. The worship was awesome and the message gave us much to think about. God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power and love and a strong mind.
Please, all of you whether you know Andrea of Mustang Saga or not, pray for her sister Amy. Amy has breast cancer, has young children and found out her cancer has spread to her bone. I want to so bad do something to help that family out but at this point all I know to do is pray.
On that note, have a great Monday.


  1. What beautiful children! I will be praying for Amy.

  2. I love the pic of you holding the baby. Beautiful.

  3. A beautiful little boy and his big sister. What nice photos. I had a very dear friend die of cancer in June. It was so bad. I feel for Amy and for Andrea. It is so hard to see them suffer until they move on to a better home.