Thursday, January 21, 2010

Children -Thinking Thursday

On another blog a while back I read a story about a tricycle. I looked out the window and out by the well houe and there was our tricycle. I believe we got it at a yard sale years ago. It is kind of bnatterde and bruised now but I wondered if it could talk what would it say to me. Would it tell me about all the children who played with it. About a little girl with a blonde pony tail or a little brown boy that rode it as fast as their little legs could go. Or had it just gotten stuck away in the corner of a garage and forgotted until the yard sale. Since it has been with us our littl granchildren and great grandchilren have ridden it nearly to death. The rubber part of the pedals are gone. It sort of bumps alongh but they still ride it. I went and got if from the well house and put it up by the barn before it snowed. We haven't had much but its safer there. That is my children picture for today.
Tomorrows picture is CAT
Today I worked with Chemmy a couple of hours. He was laying down when I went out to get him and was not in a hurry to get back up. I put the halter on him and then he begrudgingly got up. He led fine over to the gate. I tied him up to the hitching rail for a while and got a curry and went all over him. I did not try a pack saddle or anything. I laid some things on his back though and he thought I was a little daffy but didn't do anything. Then we went for a walk. Down the road a ways both directions and around stuff in the yard. He got a little pushy after a while but for the most part he was pretty good. Vehicles going down the road did not seem to bother him nor did the piles of stuff behind the garage. So I gave him a treat and put him away. My arms were a little sore yet from yesterday and his getting pushy added to it but it was delightful and I am happy to be able to get out and do some things.
The horses are fine and enjoying the sunshine. When I went out to get Chemmy all the horses were laying down enjoying the sunshine. I am glad. It is supposed to snow a little tomorrow night and they won't like that if it happens. Hope not because I have to drive to Ellensburg for a meeting.
May your Friday be Bright.

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