Saturday, January 9, 2010

White was the word of the day

The word today was WHITE. Bob was burning some old stuff that we did not need any more. It was really white. Not the kind of fire to roast marshmallows though. Am glad the little boys were gone to Uncle Tom's by that time because that is what they do when they come to visit their Papa.

The word for tomorrow is CURVES.

This ice is about to get us down. Nikki fell yesterday against her car and probably has a purple hip and Bob fell flat on his back twice today. He is not moving around so well this afternoon. The first time I did not think too much of it but the second time he really hurt his back. He took some ibuprofen so he should feel a little better. Now its supposed to rain all this next week and with the ground frozen the water will have no place to go. We will need a boat to get around.

I worry about the horses trying to walk around on this ice. They all need ice skates. Now with more water I am not sure what we will do. Maybe put them back next door. I don't know. It is supposed to be warmer but not warm enough to thaw the ground.

I found out last Thursday that Bob can not go to Burns in February. I was so upset but decided I would go along, then had this wonderful idea and it seems to be working out. Nikki is going to go with me. I will go to Marysville on Wednesday and we will go to Burns on Thursday. She will help drive. We will have fun I know. She loves horses and dreams of a day when she can have a mustang of her own. Now isn't the time but she will have fun with me. We will go to her place on Sunday and I will come home on Monday. We have wanted to do a trip together and this will do it for now. Probably will eliminate going to Albany is March is I am going to Mississippi in May.
Things work out like they are supposed to.

Have a Sunny Sunday.


  1. Should be having some fun on that trip with Nikki!

  2. Marshmellows, marshmallows, they are all the same.