Thursday, January 28, 2010

A GREEN Thursday

I had a hard time finding what I wanted to take a green picture of. So when I found Rusty laying down with her green halter on in a round pen of green panels, I thought Yes this is it.
Tomorrow word is TEXTURE.
It did not take long at all to get the halter on Rusty. We ran off some spook off her doing a few laps changing directions and so forth. The I got her to stand and rubbed her neck. Put the lead rope around her neck and the first time she left. So, we did a few more directions and then she stopped and let me put the rope around her neck and then the halter on her. Well, then she just did what I wanted. She knew she had lost control. I petted her a big and then went up to the house to accomplish something inside. When I went back she let me walk right up to her. We did some despooking things and she did good. When she didn't spook and did what I asked she got a hunk of apple. Good girl. When Bob got home he went down and rubbed her neck and talked to her. She was glad to see him.
Then we went to the Mustang Horse Club meeting. We are going to have a ride on April 10th. Hope the weather is good. We are planning Mustang Days. We need to get going on it. A few different people are going to get some solid prices on arenas. Either of the first two weekends in June will be what we are aiming at.
Friday is a coming.


  1. I had gotten a price on the Colfax arena and was going to tell you all at the meeting. Totally unaffordable at $300 something a day. I didn't call on Tekoa because it's so out of the way. Maybe the Cheney arena will be affordable. I'm surprised they didn't get info on the one out by Cathy's place.

    Did anyone talk any more about gentling mustangs for adoption?

  2. I think the Cheney Arena would be good but the most of them want it at the arena up by Lauras.I want every one to have an open mind. I did not talk about gentlin mustangs. How could I have forgotten that. Drat. I am sorry. See we needed you there. How did your conference go?

  3. I think Rusty is so pretty and has such a personality. You know, by the time you have her really started under saddle, I bet she will be the best one yet. Sometimes it takes awhile but pays off in the end.