Monday, January 18, 2010

PINK PINK What do you think

My PINK hat. The last time I helped at an adoption, Angie gave me a pink BLM hat. Actually, I asked her for a pink one. Pink is my favorite color. Any shade of pink, I love. Probably a fuchsia pink is my favorite of favorites. I love my pink hat.
The word tomorrow is BIRDS. Have fun with it. Andrea, if you want to just pick up here that's certainly OK if that is what you want to do.
Bob and I spent most of the day at the auction in Davenport. He doesn't get to go very often so he wanted to go. He bought a butcher pig for a friend who wanted one. Other than that we just watched cattle go through. In the middle some goats, sheep, pigs and a couple of day old calves. Got lunch out of it anyway. It was fun to spend the day with him. Our friend Cathy and her son Micheal were there. We all had a good time. Micheal wanted Cathy to buy the little calves and got upset when she didn't. They are not good to buy. At least in our opinion. Cattle prices were up. Probably better than for the past two year. That is a good sign.
The horses and the mud in a pain. When they went past me into the barn they threw mud all over me. GRRRRRR. I will be so glad to have this time of the year past. If this nicer weather keeps up we will be able to ride pretty soon and that makes me very happy. I am so anxious to get on Pepper and feel the breeze in my face. He probably isn't so anxious but I am.
Tomorrow is for the BIRDS.

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  1. I just read your comment on my blog...and I'm so sorry. I can't imagine.
    I love your word of the fun.
    Thanks for following and for praying...powerful!