Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today that's the fog. It was starting to lift a little but still was there.
The word tomorrow is GREEN

Today I spent the afternoon with Rusty. I put her in the round pen and ran her around a few time changing directions ect. Then I tried to walk up to her. Didn't work the first time so back around she went. Tried again, back to work again. She is NOT afraid of me, just does not like me for some reason. The third or so time I could rub her neck. Then I gave her half an apple. So we worked like that for quite a while. You let me rub your neck and you will get a piece of an apple. I did not try to put the halter on her. I just had it hanging over my arm all the time. when I get the halter on her and can handle her more I will start getting the dreads out of her mane. It is about 36 or so inches long. I don't want to pull it out but I am not sure she will let me spray anything on it. I will keep working though. I love that face.
Thinking Thursday tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. that is a beautiful picture of Rusty. i thought you were going to say the obstical in that picture was that big manuer pile! lol

  2. I have a detangler that squirts into the hand and works really, really well. It's like Cowboy Magic but has a nice minty smell. Absorbine brand maybe... I can't remember. Maybe she'd let you use something like that? The smell might worry her though. I can't remember if Cowboy Magic is scented. That might be the better choice but it's a little more spendy.

  3. I will get something like that. Just no spray. If Absorbine makes a cheaper version than Cowboy Magic I will try it. Thank you. We will miss you this evening.

  4. that was the fog we had going to Scottsboro. glad I didn't use that :) I love that mane!