Sunday, January 10, 2010

Curves, that was the word today

This is my curves picture. How much more could a tongue curve when reaching for a slice of bread. Her favorite treat. The cow is Candy. She is a character. So Curve it was.

Tomorrow the word is EYES which is my favorite thing to photograph. Hope you have fun with it.

Nikki went home today and that is always sad. The little boys were kind of glad to be going home I think. Maybe just because they were tired. I gave Lane a paperback book I had picked up at a yard sale - Where The Red Fern Grows - to read on the way home. He reads every thing he can get his hands on. That is a classic for sure. I have read it many times. I love it, his mother reads that way and I certainly do. I will have to keep my eyes open at Thrift stores and in the spring yard sales for books for him to read.

I had to go buy some groceries this evening. I can get through the store pretty quickly. In and out that is my motto. We should not have to go for a few weeks again except for milk.

The horses are all fine. Slipping and sliding around and mostly just standing in their shelter because it isn't icy in there. They are all so fat and fuzzy. I want to ride though. Makes me sad when I can't even get the horse out without sliding around. The arena is a giant rink and the round pen is too.

I have permission to adopt a horse at Colorfest in Burns IF I can find a black and white pinto mare between 3 and 6. They will deliver. Whoopee. Nikki will help me pick. And I am going to help where ever I can with the adoption. Can't wait. Sort of makes up for Bob wigging out on me and not being able to go. LOL And I promise I did not plan it. When I saw the pictures and showed them to him, he said, even before I asked, yes you can. Does that make sense at my age, no, does that matter to me, no again. I am excited.

Have a mahhhvelus Monday. I plan on it.


  1. I love the curved tongue on the cow! It's a rink here, too. I hate it.

    Lea--there are some beautiful horses in that group--you should be able to get a good one. I'm excited for you!!!

  2. I bet that cows tongue can get all the way to it's nose and then some...gross!