Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are WALKing to.....................

They were crossing the creek for the fourth or fifth time on the trail. Neither horse has a problem walking across the water. I was worried about the round rocks that seemed slippery. Bob is on Raven and Katie is on Abby. I was riding Pepper bringing up the rear. We were riding out of the Clearwater Crossing Trailhead in Montana. There are several wonderful trails out of the trailhead going in different directions.
The word for tomorrow is HAIR.
I went with friend/neighbor Shannon today to take her mule and her driving harness to the Indiana Harness so Pat could do some repair work on it and put some buckles on where their were none. Its an OK harness but made with cheap leather. The price was right though. I am helping her get her mule ready to teach to drive. I will be helping her with that also. She is going to do help me some with the donkeys that I want to drive also.
Blessings to you all