Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soggy Saturday

A beautiful Claybank gelding. He is built like a tank Tracey thinks he is Perlino, I don't know but I liked him alot

A nice mare that got every ones attention. Her mane on the other side had serious dreds but it is lower than her neck.

I think this is the horse that Jamie worked with during the demo. He was so nice and gentle. He was adopted first off.

We had a wet and soggy day at the adoption until the middle of the afternoon when it cleared up. This was a pen of the 4H geldings. They drew for the horses and in 3 months will bring them back for a little horse show and will have the option of keeping or not. They will have fun.
We stayed ALL day. The most exciting part was Greg told us we could come to Burns this fall and accompany them on a gather. That will be a dream come true. And we will get to see our friends in Burns. And have fun. One of the perks of showing up at all the adoptions possible and helping. Besides it is what we love.
It has been wonderful to see our daughter, husband and family. Arawyn has loved being the center of her Nana and Papa's attention. We have a 6 hrs. drive ahead of us tomorrow.
Have a Sunday filled with blessings.


  1. That first horse could pull a frieght car~

  2. Yes he could have. He was gorgeous. If I had been adopting, he would have been #1 I think. He has amber colored eyes.