Thursday, April 9, 2009


These little guys were along side the road when I went into town today. It reminded me so much of Sharon and my trip to Key West, Florida a year ago last March. There are little roosters all over the place there. Roosters and cats. You can hear them cock a doodle dooing almost anytime of the day. We had the best vacation of my life there.

I am feeling better but my sternum is still sore. I told Bob if I choke again please whack me on the back, don't try to break me in half. We were both terrified but I am reminded of it every time I move. Oh well, I am alive.

Not much with the horses. Katie came and rode today with her dad. He is so pessimistic about her it makes me mad. Or maybe irritated would be better. She is doing so much better and gains more confidence every time she rides this spring. She did the chores for me again this evening.

Tomorrow I need to get the house ready for the onslot of kids, grandkids and great grandkids that will be here on Sunday. If everyone comes there will be - besides Bob and I - 8 adults and 16 children. lt will be fun. Wish Nikki and her family could be here too but her son Joel and his wife Heather and their Princess will be among our group. Hope I remember to take pictures.

I went to our Northeast Zone meeting this evening. The Medical Lake FFA Debate team came and did a presentation on the issue of Horse Slaughter. It was informative and interesting. We all have our personel opinions on that issue - at least those of us with horses - and it was fun to listen to the group of young people. They are our future.

Have a Fun Friday................


  1. I want to do my new kitchen in KW theme. But if I put Rooster's in people will think "Country" I'm in a quandry :)

  2. Not if you add kittys, sponges, oceans, palm trees, bright colored dwellings, Those are just a few of what I remember from there.

  3. I was thinking a GIANT Key West sign, or Brownie suggested Margarittaville :)