Friday, April 17, 2009

Disappointing Friday

ThiThis picture was taken a year or so ago. It is me riding Ditto. She is so smooth I just have to every once in a while.

I had so much planned to do today outside and guess what it is doing. It is raining. And raining. I know it will be good for the fields but its not in my plan. So I was reading and relaxing and then I looked out at the pasture. The horses had broken down the fence and they were all out eating grass. It was not quite where we wanted it to be when we turned them out. I need to go out and see what I can do with it. They won't get hay tonight though.

So, not wanting to whine about things anymore. I will say have a fantabulous Saturday. I have to go to Ellensburg to a meeting. I will be home in the evening though. Bob is tooling along I-90 on his way to Helena, Montana.


  1. Lea, have a nice trip and a wonderful weekend!

  2. It rained AND hailed here today, but I take comfort in the fact it is suppose to be beautiful the next few days, up until Tuesday. Well that's what the weatherman said last night. Things are always subject to change you know. Have a good weekend Grandma Lea!

  3. I hope we get some rain--it passed us by except some sprinkles! We need it for our hay!!

    Did you get your horses back in okay? That would be scary!

  4. We had an enormous clap of thunder yesterday, and an absolute downpour for 10 minutes. I hear we're in for sunny skies this weekend, though! Darling is off to a show in another hour.

    Hope you have a safe journey to Ellensburg!

  5. Lea,
    You look absolutely fabulous on Ditto! How I envy your physical capabilities even if it was a year ago.
    Next time we come by, I'm going to get up on one of those horses even it is just to get my picture taken LOL!


  6. Well Joy, we will do that. Still loving to ride. I keep wondering how long it will be but I read an article in a magazine a few years ago about a lady that died when she got bucked off her horse galloping up a hill at 102. What a way to go.

    Linda, they just got into another pasture so it wasn't so bad. Something always happens when Bob leaves.