Sunday, April 19, 2009


This will brief and to the point this evening. I am bushed as in tuckered out. But at the same time quite pleased with what I accomplished outside today. I fixed the fence - by myself - all by myself. Well almost anyway. Bob had to do a couple of things when he got home but I set three new posts, all by myself - learned how to drive them in the ground with the tractor. That is after I had to call Tom how to start it. When I was done I had to call him back and ask how to shut it off. I had not driven it in a while and had left out a step - like having it all in neutral to make it start. I had a big fire today and got alot of stuff burned that I have been gathering up around here, cleaned Dittos stall - again all by myself. Now I really am tired just thinking about that.

The horses were very upset with me for fixing the fence and getting them off that green grass that is not enough to feed them yet. Now they have set it back a while. We are now back on our routing of the 3 going into the barn at night. When they were naughty and out on the grass, only Ditto got to come in.

Bed is calling. Have a Marvelous Monday.


  1. Wow. You were a busy Cowgirl today. Get your rest!

  2. I remember in Key West I had to start the little car we rented cuz you didn't have it in nuetral:) Remember that step Lea, remember that step LOL Considering everything you did that's ok ~