Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A thankful Tuesday.

This is not what I am thankful for today. I had a hissy fit when I looked out this morning. Good grief, its the middle of April. It only lasted until about 11 here but I talked to Katie and at noon they still had 5" in the Five Mile area of Spokane. Good weather is coming though.

The horses looked disgusted too. They are all shedding and look awful. Even the ones who have been groomed regularly. You could stuff a mattress with what comes off of them. I want to give Ditto a good grooming tomorrow. She looks pathetic. They are anxious to get out and eat grass. It isn't quite long enough to turn them out yet. The grass. In another week it will be.

My thankful Tuesday is centered on our youngest daughter Christyn. She, as well as Tom are our adopted children but I have to remind myself of that. Christyn is the one who has given me the worst grey hair. LOL but I still love her with all my heart. She has three precious children. Nikki is 15, Skyelor is 13 and Jadeyn is ll. She is divorced from their father. Can't say we were sorry about that but he still is their dad. Christyn (she has always been Chrissy but has decided she is Christyn) is extremely talented. She sings very well, love to hear her, she is artistic, and loving. She is American Indian = Colville Tribe. She knows her biological family but tells everyone she is glad to be adopted and not having to grow up like her "other" family. In fact she told everyone that Sunday while we were eating dinner. She has a Signifigant Other - Wendy which makes us hurt but we love Wendy too and she is very good to us. No matter what, she is our daughter and we love her alot. I am thankful she came into our lives when she was 7 months old and we are thankful to have her for a daughter.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. I'm thankful for Chrissy too and I will call her Chrissy :)

  2. We're getting together for coffee this morning at Chaps, if you'd like to join us around 9:30--we'd love to have you. It's a beatuful day--I'll be out with the horses for the afternoon!

  3. Steve Holt the Mustang???
    Hi, found my way here by way of Karen's blog at The Rough String. Actually, I'm a new visitor. Nice to meet you.
    Again, Steve Holt the Mustang???
    Must be, since your blog appears to be all about Mustangs...go figure.
    I read a story about your horse recently, probably NW Rider or whatever the name of that free monthly publication is. He sounds wonderful, and what you do sounds wonderful.
    I went to the Expo in Albany last month with the sole purpose of seeing this Mustang who was going to be there in the challenge, the big guy who had been trained by the gal in Estacada. I'd seen a video of him moving that a friend of a friend had...he intrigued me. Probably a good thing that I MISSED THE WHOLE THING!!!! Sorry...ticked me off though.
    Anyway, do you know who ended up with this horse??? I so wanted to meet him and watch him and possibly even bid on him. I guess fate intervened, but I'm still wanting to know where and with who he ended up with...

    If I haven't scared you off, I'd love to come back and check out your blog again sometime when I have a little more time. Pretty please?

  4. C-ingspots - of course you can come visit any time you want. Would have liked to have met you in Albany. Sorry you missed it. I don't know which horse you are referring to. Sorry. Steve Holt is a mustang owned by my friend Tracey who lives in NW WA state. Her blog is Mustang Diaries. Do you have mustangs? We have 7 counting Yuma the donkey who we adopted about 10 years ago. Welcom and hope to hear from you again.

  5. Linda, I did not read this until this evening. I am sorry I missed it. I would have come. Call me next time 994 9829. Are you still thinking about the prizes for the first place awards for Mustang Days?