Monday, April 20, 2009

Marvelous Monday

I thought I had a picture but it seems to be gone and I don't want to take the time to look for it this evening. It is of a white petunia. I bought some pink and some white petunias and planted them in some little boxes I have and set them on the side of the ugly porch until we side the house and I get my real window boxes. I know its a little early but I just had to have some color out there. I love pentunias. They are so bright and cheerful and bloom forever it seems.

I worked with Liberty today. She was glad to be caught and lead out of the pasture but she did not know if she wanted me brushing her or not. We got a pretty good brushing in even though she did not think too much of it and I got one front foot. She was so bonded to Tyler its going to be hard to get her to the point where someone else can work with her and she is relaxed. I did not force too much from her today. Tomorrow is another day. Had considered trying to catch Rusty but she is bound and determined that I will not touch her. She lets Bob walk up to her so we will let him do that.

I worked on stalls again today. By tomorrow I will have them all cleaned and them bedded. If I could manage to do all of one at a time I would be all done but my legs and back rebel and remind they are almost 71 and would appreciate it if I would not push too hard. I don't guess anyone but me and the horses care if their stalls are spotless.

The furnace man came back to work on our furnace today. I told them 3 weeks ago that it still did not work. So today when it is 75 out he comes and turns my furnace on full blast. We don't have the cooler in yet so it got suffocating in the house. It better work now, it was 257.00 more than the 168.00 I already paid. He said that was just the part but my inquiring mind isn't so sure.

Bob loves casseroles and I put one together for dinner tonight. I thought it was rather bland and not so good. I picked the chicken out of it mostly but my Knight in Shining Armor loved it. Oh well, our taste in food is much different. Some of the time anyway.

Have a terrific Tuesday.


  1. Those repair men are jolly on the spot aren't they!

  2. Better hope the furnace man got it right! Danged, I bet you are on Avista and you don't need anything sucking more electricity padding their pockets!
    You've been a busy lady!
    And I love those wild horses at Vantage! I always have to stop and admire them! I remember when they got put up, the first time I saw them I about had a wreck thinking they were real!!
    I could sure use a good massage! Cowboy has his Equine Massage and I beg him to apply it to me, the human wife! Rarely...not near enough...does he practice on me who "sacrificed" my aging muscles on his endeavors! ...wink..

  3. WOW Factor - not Avista, we have Inland Power but it was Banner Furnace/Fuel that came out....I want someone to give me a massage at least twice a week but no one wants to and I can't afford to go very often. Thanks for stopping in.