Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday in the sunshine

This picture is about 9 years old. Michaela was 6 and she is either 15 or 16 now. She was my favorite student that I have ever had. She did so well at leadline on Rosie. I was proud of her. She was so scared at first and then just blossomed. Then adults messed things up and she got caught in a three way custody fight and her father wouldn't let her ride anymore. Said it was too dangerous but he just was getting revenge on her mother and grandmother. It made me so sad.

I spent alot of time grooming Ditto this afternoon. She was a mess. I took tons of hair off of her and pounds of mud balls. She gets tired of me pulling on them though. She really is appearing old. AND she is more opinionated than she was. She forgets sometimes she has any manners at all. I just dropped her lead rope and let her eat grass on the back lawn.

Pepper fought me over the fly mask again., He just does not like it but it does protect his eye site whether he likes it on or not. I take it off at night though.

Katie came and rode Abby. She just does better every time. It is amazing what a little confidence will do. She is dreading the next month and her finals and graduation. School is hard for her and she studies alot. She wants to ride every night too. She had her Senior presentation on Monday. She was very nervous but got thru it OK even if the computer messed up so she did not have her Power Point to go with it.

The grass is sprouting up, and in the next few days the trees will all be leafed out. A new beginning, spring. Have a marvelous Thursday.


  1. What a nice picture!

    Poor Pepper. That reminds me of what happened here today. I put a fly mask on Cisco, since his eyes are always goopy. I was wondering if it might help. Then I walked him out to the pasture and took his halter off, then took Soxy's off, and he came to stand in front of me as if to say, "You forgot to take this other thing off." Horses are funny.

  2. I think Brownie would like your horses in his "lawn" for about a week!

  3. We are getting a whiff of Spring aren't we? It's exciting! New life is coming!