Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today was the clinic where our horses got their coggins and health certificates. This is Dr. Krista Porter and a vet tech. drawing blood from Pepper. Bob is standing there observing. Pepper is an old hat at this and he just stood there.
This is Otis. Our friends the Bruces who live in Rathdrum, Idaho ride mules. Sharon rides Otis. He is a big mule. He had been tied outside in the round pen and it rained. When she went and got him, he got into the nice arena with a sandy footing and he dropped and rolled. It was funny. So did Gene's mule Milo. They make quite a pair.

This is Wrangler. He was born on our place. He was born about 3 weeks after we adopted his mother who was from the Paisley Desert area in Oregon. She was the same color as Wrangler. He is 16 hands and weighs about 1400 pounds. A really big boy. He can go all day and not be tired at all. We sold his mother. We sold Wrangler at about 5 months old to a friend and that did not work out and bought him back when he was 3. Bob broke him out and we sold him to our good friend Perry who lives in Post Falls. He loves him. It was good to see Wrangler today.
Besides doing those things I have the potatoe salad put together, Just the salad dressing when we get home from church. The strawberries are ready for shortcake, had to start over on the jello fruit salad. I put it in a colonder and drained it and started all over. Its jelloing now. I checked it a while ago. Just have the deviled egges to make tomorrow. The ham will go in just before we leave for church and the kids are bringing the rest of it. Everything is cleaned up waiting for tomorrow now.
So that was my day before Easter. Have a very blessed Easter Sunday.

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