Monday, April 6, 2009

A Marvelous Monday

My beautiful new bridle that Bob bought me yesterday. I ride Dixie in a mechanical hackamore. She will take a bit but her teeth were so bad so long that she just does not like it and for trail riding who cares. I just love this headstall. I will be the envy of all I ride with. (Well mayby not) but I love it.

I am so stiff and sore tonight. Oh my back is killing me and my knees and legs hurt. It feels so good . I worked out in the yard most of the day. Raked, picked up junk, ect. ect ect. It felt so good to be able to be out. I should have ridden but worked in the yard instead. I told Katie I would ride with her tomorrow.

Katie came and rode Abby today. She wants a free horse someone up in Colville wanted to give her. I told her she didn't ride the one she had often enough. It made her mad at first but then she told me I was correct. We worked and worked with Abby in the round pen. Pretty much at least an hour. That is the best Katie has done in a long time.

I will post a picture of the ugly porch tomorrow. It is sided and roofed. It is still very ugly. I hope we get to get the windows this week so Steve can get them in. Maybe then it won't feel like a big box with a door in it Steve is proud of his work and Bob likes it but I still think it is ugly. Sharon and Nikki agree with me. I hope it looks better when we side the house and it looks like it belongs. I am looking at colors for the house and I am thinking of yellow and white but I don't know for sure yet.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.


  1. I'm doing a lot of yard work, too--but getting out to do groundwork and grooming in between. I want to ride!! And, I LOVE this weather, too--it kind of makes up for our long winter.

  2. No matter what Steve and Bob do, it will forever be known as the "Ugly Porch" :)

  3. What a beautiful day it was! I totally wore myself out too. I plan on doing it again today! Have to take advantage of this great weather.

    Love the new headstall! Can't wait to see it on her.