Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I have thought long about what I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for memories. Good ones and bad ones too. I have memories of both my grandmothers. Grandma Foreman lived with us but Grandma Kephart lived in Puyallup. I have memories of making a raft to float on our little lake and having my horse Blaze come out in the water and try to get on with me. You can guess what happened. I remember swinging on a rope in out barn onto the hay (no bales then), lots of memories of my mother. I remember driving cross country with her to my niece Suzannes wedding in a VW and it was HOT. I remember my wedding day, I remember when our children was born, I remember when our little girl died and my broken heart, I remember vividly when our son Scott died 6 years ago and thinking I would not recover, I remember when Bob got hurt just before Christmas a few years ago and I thought he might die, I remember arguing with the doctor about going camping and he said I was having heart surgery instead. I had the surgery, I remember Bob telling me I was having a stroke and taking me to the hospital, I was. I remember my white horse, I remember our cow named Daisy. I remember our 50th anniversary party. I am just thankful for each and every memory.

The stalls are all clean and bedded with clean white pelleted paper. Pepper thought it was going to eat him and didn't want to go in on it but then rolled. Am quite happy with myself. A hard few days work because I took them down to bare bottom, not a straw left. I am very greatful for the nice weather. I think tomorrow I am going to drag the arena which means I will have to empty it first of plastic barrels, poles and such. We will see.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. I remember Daisy! and do you remember Toodles the goose???? He followed Daddy around in the garden~

  2. Beautiful blog, Memories are precious...

  3. Lea, you have shared your very heart with us. You're such a precious woman.

  4. Barbara - thank you so much.

    Sharon, I had forgotten Toodles.

    Suzy - Memories - what would we did without them.