Saturday, April 4, 2009

A great ride

We had a marvelous ride. We went out to Fishtrap Lake. It was so pretty and peaceful there. We had lunch on the shore. Down the lake there were either swans or snow geese. I could not tell and we did not go down that way.
These folks were not as far ahead as it looks. Different horses walk out at different speeds and Bob and I were kind of in the middle. Grass is beginning to turn green. It was pretty muddy in spots but none of the horses seems to have trouble with it.
The picture below is a windmill in front of the rangers house. I liked how it turned out agains the sky.
I don't know why Bob did not take his helmet off while we were eating. He just didn't I guess. Not everyone rides with a hard hat but we do. I won't give a lesson to a kid without them wearing a riding helmet nor will I allow our grandkids to ride without one. We believe we should practice what we preach.

Part of the group eating lunch or just fooling around. Bernie is the man with the red bandanna and he is a wonderful photographer as well as a funny guy. Bob was leading for a while and got off on the wrong trail. You can bet that the article in the next newsletter will be in great detail about Bob getting lost and us wandering around. He did take the wrong trail but we got it sorted out and were never lost but it will be funny for sure. His wife Sherrie got bucked off her mule too and it will be funny. Not when it happened though. Tinker just got all excited and bucked. She was embarrased but not hurt. All the mules bucked at some time or the other during the ride
Dixie and Pepper tied to a tree while we were eating. Pepper just stood there and took a nap. He is such a good boy mostly. He pulled a couple of things today that he has never done before. I wore my spurs - bumper spurs- because he lags along alot of the time and it gets tiresome. He was doing that and I just touched him with the spurs and he took off like a shot at a hard gallop right toward the horses in front of us. I got his head pulled around in a one reign stop and he ran into the back of Alan's mule. He stopped but the mule took off bucking. Lordy, lordy. I wanted to throttle Pepper. The other thing he did was when we went thru a gate he decided to tuck his rear and just scoot through. He almost went out from under me. Never before has he done things like that. And Dixie did fine too. Bob said she settle down about half way through the ride instead of feeling like you were riding a rocket.

So that was our adventure today. When we got home we went into town and got a new TV. Our living room TV went woosh and quit last night. So Bob can watch his hunting shows. Also CSI, Law and Order - all those gory shows that I don't watch.
We went to Big R and got some things that we need. And we got some things we didn't need but wanted. It was a good afternoon too.
Have a blessed Palm Sunday.


  1. Did Penny go on your ride?? Looks like fun!

  2. Fishtrap is a great ride! I'm jealous! It was a good day for it. :)

  3. Sharon - that is Drake. He probably weighs twice what Penny weighs. Like Walker only just lab.

    Yes its a great place to ride Linda. It was a beautiful day for a ride.

    Nikki we did have fun - made me think of last July.