Sunday, April 12, 2009

HE IS RISEN - Easter

Me, this special day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. Bob would not let take a picture with me. Oh well, this is me
Our great grandaughter Arawyn. She will be 3 next week. She had little short pig tails and a pretty Easter dress.

Lilliana who is another great grandaughter. She was sucking on some purple and green candy. Her little pony tails don't show. She will be 2 on May 2nd. Both little girls are our oldest daughter Nikki and her husband Carmen's grand daughters. After having 6 boys and a step son, Nikki is reveling in have grand daughters.
Bob bless his heart, along with our daughter in law Debbie did the dinner dishes. I appreciated it so very much. Maybe because he was cranky with me earlier. Whatever reason, he scored big with me today. Debbie always pitches in and does more than her share. Christy usually helps too but she is on overload with some things right now and I excused her. Christyn and her gang cleaned up dessert.

Our granson Skyelor turned 13 yesterday. We had his birthday cake today. He is such a big boy. Almost an entire head taller than me. He is so talented and I wish he had the self esteem to go with it. The bigger girl in the picture is his sister Nikki who is 15 and his cousin Sheya who is 7. She is Tom's princess.
I think with everyone who was here today, we had 22 for dinner. That is counting the 2 little girls and a baby who was present with his mother also. All family, or extended family and we had a blast. We had a rainy day and the kids played in the barn. Cops and Robbers as I recall. I think we played that when we were kids. The only restictions we place on them is leave the tools alone.
That is what I did all day. The kids were disappointed they did not get to ride. Sheya especially. She is our cowgirl. Ryan will ride and Seth sometimes and Arawyns sister wanted to ride too. Maybe tomorrow I will get to have more to do with them.
We do have a different type of bedding that we are using. Bob's job shreds, I mean pellatizes paper - a couple of garbage sacks stuffed a day. Bob brings home about 2 a day. It seems to work well so far. And it is free. That is a good thing.
Have an absolutely great Monday.