Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday

And what a beautiful sunny day it was. I saw a thermometer that said 65. WAAAAAAAHOOO.
I am so ready for nice weather.

We went to church this morning and it was a beautiful service. BUT, the church was filled with Easter Lilies and I though I would croak. They really send me off in an allergy attack. My eyes watered, my nose ran and by the time we got out of there my head was pounding.

After church we had a quick lunch and went to a tack liquidation sale from a Tack Store in Sandpoint. Got a new saddle pad to try to make my saddle better for Dixie and they gave me another one. I am going to donate the extra one to Mustang Days raffle. We have alot of saddle pads but I wanted one really built up in the front and yet cut back. Bob bought a saddle too. I don't have the foggiest reason why, its too small for me. Anyone want a really pretty well made youth saddle - or someone with a smaller rear than mine. Its a 14". He will want $400.00 for it. It was a good buy but???????????????

Came home and did chores. And now I am here. Bob and I had a good time at the auction and just being together. Now the week starts all over again. He will have to drive to Chelan again tomorrow. I hope Steve comes to work on the porch some more. Bob talked to him this evening and I think he is.

Have a marvelous Monday.


  1. We had WONDERFUL weather today! It was much needed for everyone I think...I know I needed it!

  2. Bob got a new TV and a saddle and an Ugly Porch this last week, I think you need a new computer!