Thursday, April 16, 2009


No pictures today. I worked outside for most of the day. Went and had a massage this afternoon and wanted to come home and go to bed but didn't. She found some sore spots in my shoulders and low back but worked them off. The worst was in my neck and I was shocked that she got that to let up by stretching my arms different ways. My neck is freer than its been for a long time. I just thought it was because I was old.

I don't know how so much junk accumulated over the winter. Snow did cover a multitude of sins. And, I have a husband who just drops things - all kinds of things. I have picked up enough hay string to burn the place down. When I was working out by the barn, the horses stand at the fence talking to me. They are asking for treats - hey mom were right here. So I would clean a while and then go pet noses. Are they spoiled - of course not. And am I sucker, of course not.

Bob is leaving for Montana about noon tomorrow and the house is going to get ignored. There is much I want to do which includes working some more on Ditto's grooming and perhaps I will give in and work with Rusty. The last time she made me so mad I said she was Bob's to do but that might never happen the way his schedule is.

Katie is going to come and stay with me tomorrow night and we are going to have a girls night out and go to dinner somewhere. Her idea of going somewhere nice is Subway - I like Subway but I want someplace a notch above. We will have fun.

I do hope your Friday is great.

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  1. Me and Yummy had Subway yesterday! We love it cuz Papa doesn't:) My yard is a mess too but just from wind. My house is going to make me crazy with the kitchen all over the house! I'm thinking of a nice hotel. Dapple Bill is just a pony and very friendly, she talks to us too.