Thursday, April 2, 2009


New baby Henry with mom Spot who was pawing dirt over her back into the air and his Aunt Candy that we think is going to have her calf in about a month. Spot is extra, super extra protective of her babies. He was born in the middle of a hail storm and then survived 4" of snow this morning. Cows are not really very bright.

This has been a very busy past two days. Yesterday Bob got home early and wanted me to go to town with him. We got the stuff to cover the new ugly porch and we went to Carl Jr.'s to have a burger and then went grocery shopping. I was so tired when we got home I crawled into bed. This morning I met my dear friend Kim for breakfast. She is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines and had a layover here. I had not seen her for nearly a year and it was wonderful to hug her and sit and just talk. She is getting married in 11 days in Hawaii. Not her first, nor his. I am praying this is wonderful for her. He is a fisherman in Alaska all summer and she flies all over whever AA flies. Winters in Mexico and summers to Alaska. Love her like a daughter.

Came home and finished up some things I had to do for Marriage Encounter and then met some folks back into Airway Heights to give the stuff to then. By the time I got home it was time to do chores.

The horses are all great. I don't think they were thrilled with the snow but then who was. I don't care if we are setting records all that much. Ditto is so dirty. She is mostly white and rolls in the muck. We are going riding at Fishtrap on Saturday. I will ride Pepper. Bob is going to take the edge off Dixie for me. We were going down to Escure Ranch south of Sprague but the guys changed their mind. I am afraid of mud but it will be fun.

Am tired and Bob wants his hair cut. Have a great Friday.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! What a cute little calf. Glad it's doing okay in the gross weather.

    Enjoy your ride on Saturday! We're going up to Cathy's to get panels, but we plan on going for a ride on Sunday. Just on the roads to avoid the bad mud. I a ready for some drying up!

  2. Yeah for new babies even if they are calfs.