Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is what happens after a few really nice days in April. It seemed appropriate to post this today on Earth Day. My earth is springing forth new life.

It was not so nice today and should have been a good day to work inside but I didn't do much. I did take the tractor out in the arena and pick up stuff but I did a bad thing. I was using the sticker fork thing a ma jigs on the front of the tractor that Bob uses to pick up large round bales of hay. I was patting myself on the back for picking up the post and carrying it to the edge of the arena, well I put it down OK but went to pick the front end up so I could see where I was going to be going when I turned around and got hooked up in the arena fence and lifted it right off the ground. It broke a post off. Oh me oh my. When Bob got home and I took him out to show him he had the audacity to laugh at me. But anyway, its ready to disc and drag. But, a part of the fence will need replaced. So much for my help.

The horses are so funny. They are not wanting to go into their stalls with them bedded in white. I had to lead Dixie in this evening. Pepper did not want to go in either and both of them were the same last night. Silly kids.

My mother died 16 years ago today. It also is grandaughter Deanna and great grandaughter Arawyns birthdays. Like I said yesterday - memories.

Thursday - have a nice day.


  1. Oh that's funny with the horses! When we put a new bed it for Penny, she looked at it like it was GOING TO GET HER!

  2. I miss you so much!
    Next summer i have to go up there!
    horses are silly cricket still jumps at a barrel even though she has seen it every day for the past 2 years!