Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunny Saturday

This the the peak of our barn room this afternoon. It was so sunny and bright. I think I would have felt better if I had gone for a ride. But with Bob gone with the truck and no way to pull the trailer I pouted instead. I get tired of riding across the road.

I went shopping this afternoon for our birthday assault. I missed our son in laws birthday so got his gift, our son Tom's which I had not gotten yet and then this next week are 2 daughters in law and 2 granddaughters all in one week. Joel's wife Heather's was earlier this month also. Plus our anniversary. Sheya is into Hannah Montana so that wasn't too hard and Coreen will be 17 so she will get money. The adults are always more difficult when you are on a limited budget.

Have not heard from Bob yet. I know they don't have good cell phone coverage up there plus he is not thinking of me but of an elk.

Kind of a nothing kind of a day, Tyler worked for the neighbor and when she stopped by later had a nice little visit with her. She was riding her mule Skeeter. He is well over 16 hands. I know Dixie looks like a pony when we ride together. Joel came out and helped Tyler with a couple of things.

Gas was 2.55 when I went into Airway Heights. Can afford to drive to town once in a while now. Wish everything else would come down too.

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