Saturday, October 4, 2008

A rainy grey Saturday

Today was a non horse day for me. I met our oldest daughter and her friend Rita in Ritzville and we went to the Mennonite Country Auction. It was interesting. Lots of good food for sale. I missed the bread, it was gone by the time I got there. I did get a very good piece of blackberry pie though. The soup for lunch was good and New Years Cookies are out of this world. I want to know how to make them. The quilts were beautiful that they auctioned off but really out of my price range. Some of them went for over $2,000. The wind was awful but it only rained once to amount to anything. I was so glad I came back in and got my heavy winter jacket.

Bob and Tyler went on a Back Country Horsemen trail ride over in Kingston, Idaho today. My back would not have managed a 3 hrs. trail ride today but they had a good time and then had a steak dinner. Tyler ate so much he brought his cake home and ate it after they got here. Rusty had the day off. She will get a good workout tomorrow.

It was hard to believe today that on Wednesday it was 85. Maybe that is why it felt so cold today. If the wind is not blowing so tomorrow I am going to try my back out and ride a little. Sometimes it helps.

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