Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1

This is the view out my kitchen sink window. Its pretty isn't it. Looks like October. I would like to visiting my sister in Tennessee when the leaves change. It is as pretty as the NE. I guess anyway. Have never been to the NE at leaf changing time. But I have been in Tennessee and it is beautiful.
Lena was really naughty when the people came to look at her. I wouldn't have bought her either. I need to spend some real quality training time with her if they want to sell her. Katie thinks if she had been here it would have been different but it would not have been. Lena did not like the gal for some reason AND she was a timid rider. That was enough to make her grab the bit stick her nose up and was naughty. I will have to ride her every day and I did not want to do that. Its Katie's project but she has to go to school and she doesn't have the know how to get that head down and nose in.
Bob had a very successful day working with Rusty. He was able to pick up and hold both her front feet for a few seconds. He leaned on her and hugged her over her neck and withers. AND she did come up to me when I reached out to pet her thru the fence. That was big progress in my eyes.

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