Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This was a beautiful fall day. The sky was beautiful. This morning it was cold. But warmed up as the day went on. With the going down of the sun it got cooler again. My picture today is Bob and Tyler doing some of the fall work. They got a lot done. Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice howbeit cool day so maybe they can get more done. I am glad Tyler is here or I would have had to been driving one of the tractors.

We were really worried about Rusty today. She did not eat good last night. Could find nothing that looked bothersome. Went all over her. Her gums looked good, her temp normal and she was pooping normally. Then this afternoon we was the Oliver (my goat) had not eaten his hay either. He had just picked at it. Must be something in the bale of hay. Bob set that bale aside and we opened another. Will see tomorrow morning if they ate their supper. Bob was up and down all night with Rusty but nothing showed up. She lays down a lot but is not colicing. We gave her extra salt because she did not seem to be drinking as much either. I imagine he will be up and down with her tonight too. I am glad she is gentled enough to touch her all over like that. Until we found Ollie not eating either I kept thinking of Arlene's horse with Pigeon Fever. Don't think that's it now. Or do goats get it too?

I am feeling good today. Made an apple cobbler last night and decided to try something a little different. I added a can of whole cranberries to it. It was so good. I say was because these two guys of mine attacked it with a vengeance. I got one small piece. I got the idea when I went to the Mennonite Sale a few weeks ago and they had some apple/cranberry pie for sale. It is really good.

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