Friday, October 3, 2008


Do you think I have a thing about photographing the horses eyes? This is Rusty's and she did not much the camera that close and it flashed besides. I took a long string of pictures until she quit jumping.

I worked with her today. I got one front foot picked up and touched the sole of it. The other front foot was hers and I didn't get it. I would have done better but Bob was there telling me how to do it. It made me prickly. I know how.

She did let me walk up to her and pet her shoulder and neck and take a hold of her halter. That was a first time for that. She does wonderful in the round pen on a 30' line changing directions. She does that for me as well as Bob. She is such a nice little horse.

The other horses are fine. Riding Lena hurt my back. Makes me mad. She was so rough. I thought Dixie was but she is smooth as can be compared to that big mare. I wanted to ride today but didn't get there. Maybe Monday. If the weather is decent maybe the three of us can go to Riverside SP for a while.

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