Monday, October 20, 2008

Rainy day and Monday

I am about to boot my computer out the window. I can not get it to load pictures at all this evening. I have six I wanted to load. I will try again in a while.
If any of you don't look at Spring Creek Basin Weblog, you should. She takes the most beautiful pictures of the mustangs in the wild. Spring Creek Basin is in southern Colorado I think. I love her pictures. Take a look at them. Also when he has time Matt at Pryor Mountain Mustangs has great pictures to.

I feel better today but it was in the house day. Bob tried to catch Dixie so she could get her grain and supplements but he could not do it. He is more frustrated about that kind of thing than I am. She may find herself in the round pen or the arena by herself. What a twit.
Well I got one to load so far. Maybe I don't have to kick it out the window. It might hurt my foot.
The bottom picture is Laura and her Arabian horse Mystic. Love that picture even if I did take it. The middle picture is of Tyler and Jim. The top picture is Cindy on Dolly. I think this will be all I can get loaded. I think there is a picture of everyone that rode.
Got kind of bummed today when Bob told me our good friends Bernie and Sherrie had called Saturday and asked if they could pick Bob and I up and go for a ride with them down toward Ritzville. Of course we were both busy and could not but any other day almost we would have loved to have gone. They thought they were moving to Montana soon but the job Sherrie had put in for a transfer to did not happen. I am sorry because they really want to move, but happy that they will still be here for a while. They are very dear to us.
Katie called today and is quite sick. I am sorry. Miss the Blondie around here.


  1. Is the horse in the top picture wearing a ribbon on her tail because she kicks? In England people put ribbons on their horses tails to warn other riders that the horse kicks. I didn't know it was done here and I'd forgotten about it till I saw the pic of Cindy and Dolly. Funny thing the only horse that ever managed to land a kick on me was a mare called Dolly when I was about 10.

  2. Lea for some reason I've become anonymous. But the comment above is mine.
    Arlene from Odessa.

  3. Dear Lea,

    If you can reduce the resolution of the pictures you want to load (either when you take them or after you put them into your computer) it will speed up the process tremendously!

    From someone who learned the hard way ... with love from your cousin,


  4. Arlene, yes the ribbon is because she kicks. Like a government mule. It is a warning.

  5. Joy, I don't know how to do that. I am pretty computer ignorant remember. I need a teacher.