Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

I got a big laugh today when Katie brought Abby up to the front door show me something and Skeeter darted out and was going to protect me. He is a small poodle who is a clown and loves me a lot. Abby was really quite bored with the entire episode while Katie and I had a good laugh.

I had the scare of the year today. I did it to myself but it was still hard and made my legs shake. Praise God for honest people. I went to the Walmart in Airway Heights to pick up a few groceries this afternoon. I was worrying about some things and not really thinking. I got the groceries, paid for them and went to the car. Put the groceries in the car came home listening to an old CD of Emmy Lou Harris. When I went to get out of the car my wallet was not there. I had not taken my purse, just my wallet. My insides went into a rumble and I headed back to Walmart. I was sick at heart. All my credit cards, medical cards, all the stuff one carries. I went straight to where the cart had been left and they had taken them inside. With lead filled feet I went to customer service and asked. The manager came to the place I was and asked me to write my name out and anything else that may be of use. She smiled at me and took me over and got it out of a locked drawer. All my change, the 10.00 bill and everything else was just as I had left it. She was not sure who had turned it in but I am so grateful they did and my guardian angel was watching over me and mine even though I was careless and did not pay attention when I put the groceries inside the car.

So that is my story of the day. This was house day. I did my walk this morning. Am up to 2 miles in a little less than 2 hrs. It wasn't so cold and it was a fun morning to walk.

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  1. I left my purse in a grocery cart at a Safeway in Spokane. Someone turned it in to the store I got it back with nothing missing. There are many good people around. I know how scary the feeling is when you discover what you did.