Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A strange day. I slept in some. That was in itself was strange. I am not a real early riser but usually earlier than 8:30 and that is when I woke up. I would have probably slept longer if Skeeter had not been crying to get out of his crate.

Met my friend Helen for lunch. We had some Washington State Horsemen Steward rules to talk about. Not that we need an excuse to have lunch. Wanted some rules cleared up in my mind before going to convention in 2 1/2 weeks. Think I do now. I get so frustrated with myself when I know something is in the rule book but I can't find it. Helen and I are a 2 person support team. She works more than I do but that's OK.

I so wished I had a camera of my mares coming running when I called them again tonight. They can run like the wind when they know what is waiting for them. Dixie got sidetracked when she got up to the barn because Tyler was inside the pasture working on the fence. She wondered what he was doing inside her pasture. I put a hay string around her neck and she followed me into the barn. Ditto was already munching on her grain wondering what Dixie was doing still out there.

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  1. Lea,

    As a person who has never been around horses much (not because I don't love them but because it just never happened) can you explain what a "hay string" is? I have never heard that terminology before.

    Love Ya, Joy