Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A sunny Wednesday

These pictures are of Bob's second time with Rusty today. The first time he trimmed both of her front feet. Her left side was easy. She lets him take that foot all the time. The surprise was the off side front foot. It can be tricky but she gave it to him when he said "foot" and let him trim it. He did not file them, just used the nippers. The rasp will come next time. They sure look better.
Then he was outside about 3 and I was finishing up some chores in the house and my cell phone rang and it was Bob asking me to come down to the round pen and bring the camera so I did. He had a wonderful time on Pepper with her. She led the best she ever has and as you can see he did a lot over the back of her. At one point I thought he was going to slide his leg over but he didn't and I was glad. I don't want him hurt again. Three times since May is enough.
When he was done with Pepper I changed saddles and put mine on him, donned my helmet and went for a ride. Across the road is nothing too exciting to look at except deer tracks and gofer holes and an occasional badger hole but its close and just a relaxing walk. Pepper does not mind going by himself which is far different than when I did it on Dixie. She does not go alone well. Pepper does not much care, just don't make him hurry and he is happy.
So it was a good day, the laundry is folded, the kitchen is cleaned, I did some sewing, the sun shone and I feel good.


  1. That's great that you and Bob have a love for horses in common. It probably is a good thing he didn't jump right on her. LOL. You guys have come so far with her so fast!!

  2. I agree with Linda. I think Rusty is so awesome. She's going to be a fantastic trail horse. Did you suspect she was like that when she watched her in the BLM corrals?

  3. Bob saw her in Pasco first and fell in love with her but talked himself out of it. I guess she was in Spokane but we were in Reno picking up Sierra. When he called Ramona in Burns and asked if she was a 3 stries horse, she wasn't and went to Albany where she was not adopted either. So Bob fired off a check and we got her for 25.00 as a 3 strikes horse. She is going to be awesome.

  4. Lea:

    I think God meant for that man and horse to be together! Rusty is going to be great, and it was so nice to see pics of Pepper...Talk about a wonderful horse, eh? He's such a good boy....

    I'm amazed by how many birthdays you guys have in a couple weeks! WOW...