Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tuesday in the life of.........

Nothing to do with horses but we got a new back door today. I took the picture before the trim got put up. Our oldest son Steve came and did it for us. Bob is not a carpenter and does not have the patience. He always gets mad in the middle. So, Steven came and did it for us. I look at him and its hard to remember as my round little brown eyed baby boy. He is now 49. He broke his leg really bad on Fathers Day cutting wood. He still is having a hard time walking.

I worked with Rusty today for a while and groomed her. I brushed her all over, clear down her legs to her hooves and I used a mane/tail brush and brushed her mane free of snarls and then I brushed her tail. She stood there and let me. I was so proud of her. Her tail touches the ground. I got all the tangles out of it. The only part of her she objected to all all was brushing out that long forelock. Did not get it done as thoroughly as her mane and tail but did get it brushed some. She did not like that purple brush coming at her back. I kind of brushed it all to one side. When she let me do it once without trying to leave, I quit. I was pleased with our progress. She still does not like me but is tolerating me better.

Later Bob went down and she gave him both front feet and he used a hoof pick on them. Cleaned them out good. He will work on getting the back feet now. I did the hard work first. LOL. She was so glad it wasn't me she would have let him do most anything.

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