Monday, October 27, 2008


Don't you love the fall foliage. This little group of trees is just down the road from us. You need to be careful driving by because deer hide in it and pop out in front of you occasionally.

Spent all afternoon at the dentist and have to go back tomorrow. I hate wasting this wonderful weather inside.

My blog entry yesterday was awful, too many pictures of Tom and my writing was off kilter. I don't know except I was really tired. Sorry.

Finally got both my mares in their stalls tonight to get their grain and vitamins. Last night Ditto really gave me the run around and I could not catch her even with treats. That has not happened for years. She has been my best horsey friend for a long time, but last night I did not like her too much. So, Dixie got her grain and vitamins and Ditto stayed out in the pasture. This evening Dixie was going to run but then you could see her thinking, Oh Oh, not get caught, no goodies and I walked right up to her. AND Ditto said I messed up and she followed us in and went meekly into her stall.

My Mustang and Burro Yahoo site friend Jill lost her old friend Smokey this week. It makes me sad. He was the same age as Ditto. I have been dreading that for several years now. Our condolences Jill. Makes our hearts hurt for you.

Just had a lengthy telephone conversation with a gal from Colville about mustangs. She wants to adopt in the spring. She and her boyfriend are coming to our Mustang Horse Club meeting on Thursday evening. Her name is Suzy. She had a lot of very good questions. She wondered if she could make the 6' pen out of vinyl covered cable? I don't think so but did not know for sure. Anyone know? I will have to make some inquiries.


  1. Good for them, adopting a Mustang!! I don't think so on the vinyl cable--when they throw their bodies into those panels it bends them up--and that's steel. Maybe they are mostly worried about the jumping--but it's a real shock when you see your mustang run INTO the barrier to get away from you--as Beautiful did--but she is only a yearling and did no damage to herself or the panels. Kitty Lauman's video has a good example of a horse jumping right into the panel. I'd highly recommend they watch those videos.

  2. I don't think the cable would be safe. It wouldn't be much of a visual barrier and if they ran into it I think they'd get caught up in it and it'd cut them up. Unless it's something like 1 inch diameter.

    Glad to hear we have another mustang enthusiast!

  3. I agree with both of you. I told them no but wanted some other opinions. Thanks