Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wind wind go away

This was an awful day. Forty mile an hour sustained winds. Bob and Tyler tried to work on the new shed but the roofing was like a giant kite and one of them was going to get hurt so they left that job for another day.

Bob worked with Rusty for a long time this morning just loving on her and petting and rubbing her all over. She let him without a fuss and even after he took the lead rope off her. She is really going to be his horse.

I hardly went out today, I did my one and half mile walk first thing this morning. I should get extra points for one way because the wind was in my face. I got a big blister on my toe though and that hurts.


  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog today and really enjoyed reading through it. I live in Moscow and have 2 mustangs (they live in Troy). Where and when did you adopt Tonka? I adopted my two from the BLM in Spokane 2005 when they were just yearlings. I wish I had a horse trailer because I think all the mustang events that you and your fellow mustang bloggers talk about sound really fun! I don't know anyone near here that is into mustangs or that even has them. Thanks for the good read!

  2. Lea, I didn't know you walked that much every day! I need to start doing that too...

    I was up in Spokane yesterday and I thought of you. Wish I could have stopped by but it was a quick run while the kids were in school.

    Spottedmules - You're not too far from me! I'm in Potlatch, and actually Tonka is mine. I adopted him in 2006 at Ride the West. If your horses are trailer trained we could carpool up to the events. We should get together to play with our mustangs! Do you ride yours? Feel free to contact me through my blog www.mustangsaga.blogspot.com or email me at andrea v @ turbonet . com (without the spaces)

  3. Remember we have a ride the l8th. And a meeting the 30th.