Thursday, October 9, 2008

A really cool day

The top picture is a real wahoo. Bob picked up, rather he said "foot" and she gave it to him. He has been working on picking up her feet with a rope. In another few days he will be able to trim those front feet. They are pretty bad. Her hinds are just fine but not the front. She is coming along so well for him. I did walk up to her after she went to her safe corner. I rubbed her all over on both sides just holding the halter. Kind of a feat really because I had the camera too. the second picture is just her head. Isn't that forelock something. She hides behind it. I have pushed it out of her eyes and she does not like it. I love it.
The bottom picture is of Dixie. She is gaining weight and looking good since having her teeth done. Still am feeding her special though. We are supposed to get a skiff of snow tonight - that is right - SNOW. If we do Ditto will get her blanket on and she will go in at night too. She is old and gets pampered a lot.
If there is no snow in the morning we are going to Riverside SP to ride with Katie for a while. I wish I could drive the truck. I just never have. I know how to drive a stick but just hate it. If Bob doesn't want to go, Maybe I will give it a try if Katie promises not to laugh. I have wanted to ride all week but its been one thing or the other and haven't. Maybe if I tell Bob I am going to do it on my own he will be so scared he will go. Suppose?

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  1. Oh how I wish I lived closer! I want to go for a ride tomorrow too. Have people coming though. :(

    Beautiful forelock on Rusty. I love that horse. Bella hides behind her forelock too. I've gotten to where I put it in a ponytail if we're doing anything new and stressful so I can tell if she's paying attention or pretending I'm not there.