Sunday, October 5, 2008


Let me introduce you to Miss Sheya Christyne Williams who just happens to be our horse loving, horse riding granddaughter. She is riding Sequoia. He is a do it all for anyone pony. Sheya has been riding him by herself since she was 4. She is now 6. Today she and Katie rode bareback and had a really fun day. Sheya told me she was teaching Katie to ride. What a fun day to watch the girls playing and laughing and riding. Katie was so good with her, it was great. There is not an ounce of fear in Sheya with the horses. Wish they could come out more often so she could ride often. Her parents only live in Spokane but with gas, Christy's job working graveyard, and four wheelers they don't come out so often.

Nikki worked with Rusty today. She had not met her before. Rusty did not appreciate Nikki any more than she does me. Maybe less. Nikki is our oldest daughter and the mother of Tyler who lives with us. He and 5 other boys. She does well with horses and I wish she lived in eastern Washington so she could help with them. She is a very good rider. She and her friend Rita both live in Marysville and came here to visit after out time at the Mennonite Auction yesterday.

Jim and Kathy Spring stopped by today too. They brought a couple of bales of hay for Bob to look at. And to visit. Jim is going to Austin, Texas for a job interview the end of the month. I know he needs a job BUT I don't like the idea of them leaving here. Very good people and committed to the mustangs.

Lots of other family here today but won't bore you with all of them. It was a good day. It is very cold this evening. It feels like fall is here with a vengeance and winter is knocking at the door.

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