Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is on a wall in our house so we don't ever forget. Not that we would but I sure like the poster anyway.

Kind of a lazy day. Didn't do too much inside or out. It was a nice day. I did go out and catch Dixie and put her in for her evening treat. She is getting easier to catch knowing there is a treat at the end of the lead rope.

Bob worked with Rusty today. If he were going to be here tomorrow he would have saddled her but he is leaving to go elk hunting tomorrow. I would rather he got an elk than a deer but he will probably get one of those later. I will work with Rusty while he is gone but I don't know if I will get her saddled or not. If I had not sold my English saddle I would use it to saddle the first time. It was light weight. We do have a youth saddle that we have used on occasion to put on for a first saddle up. That's a thought too. I need one I can handle with one hand. I may be getting ahead of myself though because she hasn't liked me too much. It has gotten better but I am not high on her favorite people list.

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