Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our 51st. Anniversary

When I think how young I was and now naive I was really about like 51 years ago when Bob and I were married in a large wedding. Many of those folks who are still with us were at our large 50Th. anniversary party a year ago. Now we are still going strong.

Today after church we went up to Greenbluff which is the apple center of this part of the state. It is Harvest Festival month. We went and looked at some very large pumpkin patches, laughed at the kids, saw some of the most beautiful produce. Picked up some large wooden crates under a free sign. Don't know what we will do with them but I will think of something. Then we went and looked at the new church building that our church is building. And went to dinner at the casino that is close to us. It was disconcerting that they are raising their prices tomorrow 2.00 a person. It was good.

Came home and lay down for a while and went out and cleaned a couple of stalls. They have not been used much of the summer but wanted them fresh cleaned and bedded. Next week Dixie and Ditto will come in for the night and get special feed. Dixie needs some additional weight and Ditto is old. When it starts to get really cold day and night, she has a winter blanket she wears.

Bob worked with Rusty for a while. Mostly on her off side. She thinks that is untouchable. He can touch her pretty well and she will lift her foot at the command "foot" but wont let him touch it. She will stand with it lifted for several seconds. Its kind of funny. Just time and patience.
This evening earlier we went to visit our friends Terri and Kurt Carstens who live in Reardan. We had a nice visit and we will be getting Target back in the spring to tune her up and maybe Blondie to start. Bob is a little leery but maybe by spring he will be over it. It was good to see them. Their children were have a wiener roast outside. Brrrrrrrrr. We declined and came home.
A good day, very pretty but cold.


  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like a great way to spend the day.

  2. Happy Anniversary--it was ours too! What a great day to get married!! Congrats on so many years!!!