Friday, October 17, 2008


I wish I knew how to add the pictures and write about each one instead of them all loading in a row.
Here it is Friday already. Bob is away all weekend at a Search and Rescue weekend training. The bottom picture is what he accomplished with Rusty before he had to leave this afternoon. She did not mind it at all. Looked a little surprised at first but it was really no big deal. I have been messing with her mouth and that is no big deal either. I wish I knew about teeth and age of a horse. She is cutting teeth just a little behind the ones she had. Mares don't get wolf teeth do they. I think I heard that. I need to google it and see if I can figure it out. The bars of her mouth are much longer than our older horses. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
The second picture is Tyler resting (dozing). He is not the most ambitious 20 year old I have been around. It was sunny and warmer today and I did not blame him for catching a few winks while Grandpa was working the horse. He is good young man and Grandpa works him pretty hard most of the time.
The last picture is what Tyler was doing before he rested. My raspberries that I have asked for for several years. The people where the cows have been on pasture gave him a bucket full. I must remember to water them tomorrow.
Tomorrow is our Mustang Club sponsored ride. Ride any kind of a horse you have. We just are putting it on. Bring your lunch, a snack or whatever and come ride in Riverside State Park. Its free, just to have fun before the weather gets too bad. We will live the Trail Town Trail head at 11:00 AM. I wanted to get a trail map but that didn't happen. We will have a great day. Dress warm. See you there.


  1. Lea, I think mares and geldings can get wolf teeth, but they're in front of the molars, not behind the incisors. Mares don't usually get canines, but my first mustang mare did, so it's not totally unheard of.

    She's probably getting in the last set of incisors. She's 4, right? Tonka is 4 also and his are finally coming in. The baby teeth fell out a while back and it took a while for the permanent teeth to come in for some reason.

    See you at the ride today!

  2. Lea,

    Check out this web site. They are experts on how to navigate around in Blogger. Love Ya, Joy

  3. All my pictures also load all in a row, but when I can arrange them in my blog by clicking on one to select it, then dragging it down to where I want it to go in the text.