Friday, October 31, 2008


Our outside dog Maggie looking very sad because Bob has been gone a week. She thinks he has deserted us. Maybe I am too. He has been gone over a week now.

I had an experience putting my "girls" in their stalls tonight. Abby and Pepper got to the gate and pushed their way right out. So I had a mare in her stall (Ditto) and three other horses out. Dixie went to her stall sneaking so Abby and Pepper would not follow her. I caught Pepper with a hay string (Joy, a hay string is what they tied the bale closed with. A string on each side. They used to use wire but now its string) and got another string on Abby and got them back in. they thought they could take advantage of me. Of course Tyler is not here this evening. They would not have challenged two of us.

Another dog story. Skeeter, my year old poodle who is very attached to me wherever I go, was here in the bedroom with me. I have a box of Kleenex on the floor by my bed. I heard this noise and I looked over and he was methodically pulling the Kleenex out one at a time. It was so funny I could have watched him continue but thought perhaps he should know that wasn't what I wanted him to do. He is now laying at my feet.

No trick or treater's as usual out here. I always get a little candy just in case and leave the porch light on but not one that I can take a picture of. I used to have a little neighbor boy come by but he is all grown up now - or at least he thinks he is. He is 15.

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  1. Hi Lea--I'm sorry you're all alone! I wish I was going on that Palisades ride today so you could join me--but I'm heading to the hospital all day with my husband who's on call. It's nice of them to let wives come out to stay. All of our kids will be gone today. How about this fog??