Monday, January 5, 2009

Go Away

I refuse to post another snow picture for a week. You all know I am sick of it. SICK of it. And we have anotheer 8 inches last night.

Bob started a job today that will last about 3 months for the census bureau. So I will be putting the horses out to the pasture and the evening chores. I am glad because that forces me to get outside and to make a connection with the horses. When I went to put them out this morning the first thing I noticed was a grey kitten eating in Yangs dish. Yang is a very large barn kitty. Bob has been telling me she is there, I would guess shes a she and also a black one that is a little larger. I didn't see the black one though.

I put Pepper out first. He was glad to get out. When I went to let Dixie out she did not want to go. She wanted me to love on her and pet her and talk to her so I did for a while. She gets a really strange looking face in the winter. She gets alot of black around her eyes and on down to her muzzle. Since having her teeth done this fall she is getting her nice figure back. In fact, she is kind of chubby which I am thrilled to see because she got so thin over the summer. It worried me. Finally she wanted to go out with me. She walked with her head against me. I was so irritated with myself that I had let the snow keep me away from her. Ditto was her usual self, just take me out please so I can roll in the snow. She does that every day.

Liberty was looking for some attention too. I know she misses Tyler. He usually found time to pet her and talk to her most days. She is a sweet girl too. When she came a year and a half ago and had never been touched at 9 years old she was a spooky lucy. Did not want us around her. Tyler won her confidence. He never had the nerve to get completely on her but he could have. He was soft and calm with her.

Abby misses Katie but her dad and mom won't let her drive in this nasty weather. I don't blame them but she misses Abby and Abby misses her. Abby would get in your lap if she could.

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  1. I know how sick you must be of all that snow! Stay safe!!!!!

  2. I'm sick of the snow too. Winter really is tiring.

  3. Just cause I'm a pain in your butt, it's raining GOBS here :) Just remember how much you LOVE me! :)

  4. Oh, Lea...I'm so sorry about all your snow. Mine is melting at a record rate and we're swimming like fishies in the sea...