Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, yesterday I was so angry I could see red and I am sure there was steam coming out my ears. THEN, when I sat down at the computer it would not connect to the internet. It would connect and then go right back off. Finally, when my head was pounding and I was at wits end I just turned it completely off and went to bed. Obviously it works this morning.

Maybe why it would not work was my anger. I still am but not the head pounding seeing red kind of anger. We work hard living quite frugally on a very small retirement and social security. Bob got an opportunity to go to work for two or three months with the Census Bureau at 1636 W. lst. in Spokane. He usually drives my car to work because it is so economical. I needed my car yesterday and Bob drove "the big blue truck" A 6 speed Dodge Ram 3/4 ton pickup. Some one in the building did not recognize it, supposed it did not belong to anyone there and called EVERGREEN TOWING and they came and towed it away. When they called me and I told them Bob worked there they towed it anyway. The government could not possibly have intervened. In order to get it back we had to pay 329.16 cash. Bob's office told him they would get him his money back but we are steaming. They should have made them returned the truck. They are looking at a law suit and they know that. From the owner of the buiilding, to Bob's high bosses to the towing company. We simply do not have that kind of money to give away for someone elses error.

So maybe that is why the computer would not work last night. I would have said alot more. I had to drive in to Spokane in pea soup fog to take him to the truck and then home in the dark alone in fog so thick you could barely see in front of the car. I was sick to my stomach and my head ached. It was AWFUL.

The fog seems better this morning. I hope so. We have a Back Country Horse Meeting this evening in Hayden, Idaho. We enjoy that group of friends. I am ready for a nice ride somewhere - actually anywhere if we can get thru snow banks. If we had a heater in our small living quarters horse trailer we would go down to Escure Ranch south of Sprauge. It should not have snow. In my dreams maybe. Or down to Odessa to the BLM ranch down there. I am dreaming.

Congratulations again for Linda for winning the book.


  1. Lea- I am so sorry for all that trouble with the computer and the truck. That was really stupid on their part. It was someone's "knee-jerk" reaction.
    You didn't visit my blog yesterday and I had a feeling that something was wrong. I looked at yours and it didn't have a new post, so that kind of worried me. Glad you're back! Enjoy your ride today, too.

  2. I've re read this 2 times and still don't understand WHY the truck was towed?

  3. That's horrible about your truck!

    The fog was really bad yesterday. My daughter has a friend who was killed in a car accident on 195 at around 5:30 last night--so obviously, it was dangerous, too. She was very heart-broken by the news this morning.

    Lea--you should save my book until we see each other, which will hopefully be soon. Or, we can meet up somewhere. I also want to give you Chosen by a Horse--so we'll exchange.

  4. Basically Sharon it was towed because people are stupid. Thank you Barbara. Don't worry if I disappear for a few. Computer malfunction somewhere. Linda, OK. I want to get it to you though before forever. We could meet for lunch? Let me know. I am so sorry about your daughters friend. It is awful.

  5. I don't blame you for being angry about the truck being towed. I hope everything turns out Ok.