Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

Dr. McKinley floating Ravens teeth. They needed it but did not cause the left side nerve paralysis that is making her muzzel look so funny. He put her on steroid shots for the next month. He says it usually goes away eventually and the steroids will help it. Bob and I both took a big breath when he said it would be OK and even if it doesn't we can still ride her. He said to watch her eating and see that food does not get stuck up on that side of her mouth.
Raven stood in the corner all the while Abby was getting her teeth done. She didn't care too much what went on around her. It took me several minutes to get her that far. She drug her toes and just sort of staggered the entire 10 feet. Reminded me of the drunk horse in the movie
Cat Ballou. Only she didn't lean against the wall and cross her legs. Am I dating myself?
She could not seem to keep her tongue in her mouth. She is a sweet mare and I told her I was sorry for laughing at her. We have had her a couple of years. She is from the Ravendale HMA in California.
Also today we took my saddle in to Pat McGowan at Indiana Harness to go over and fix all up. He told me what kind of a saddle pad I need to bring it up off Dixies shoulders. It is a very comfortable saddle. We also took my chink chaps in to have hooks put on it instead of buckles. I have trouble buckling them especially when my hands are cold and am wearing gloves. The buckles do not feel good under my legs either when sitting in the saddle. Hope this works to make them more useable. Also took our youth saddle in to be repaired. Bob put it on Rusty and she said not today and bucked it off and now it needs fixing. He won't use our grandkids saddle on her any more. We laughed but that is the best saddle for most of the kids. Its a 13" nice leather saddle.
That took up most of our day. I woke up with a headache and will go to bed with it I guess. Sinus, I can tell. It has been hanging around for a while. I may have to break down and go to see the doctor but don't want to.
I think we may go see our daughter Nikki this weekend. They are having a tough time and we think she needs a hug. I have a meeting in Ellensburg Saturday afternoon and I think we will go on over to Marysville. It will be a quick visit but it will be good to see her.
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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Hackamore post. Actually Raony does very well in a argentine snaffle or any bit for that matter. I could just do a halter hackamore. He does always chomps on the bit when we ride but when I use a halter his mouth is quit. That was my thought. I loved reading your blog on floating. I have to do Roany's every year. He has bad teeth. My vet has a great tool that makes it go quick. Yours may too. They now use with a mechanical drill. Really files it down allot quicker.

  2. I always feel bad for them when they're sedated. But I always have to laugh too. :) Glad to hear she should improve. Poor girl.

    I hope your headache gets better! And I hope your daughter feels better and that you have a good visit.

  3. I thought Sandy looked like a drunken sailor when his wolf teeth were pulled :)

    Oh, and Cat Ballou was on this weekend! Did you know Lee Marvin gave half his oscar credit to that horse?

    You've got an award back at my place...tried to let you know earlier but blogger was being...well...blogger!

  4. I'm glad I don't have to be all tied up when I go to the dentist.

  5. Yes Tracey, I knew it was on, the Vet Tech was telling us about it. Yes, I knew he gave half the award to his horse. Yes Nikki that does look pretty bad doesn't it. Well Tracey, I will go check out that award. Me, an award. Oh my goodness.