Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, January 27

This picture is for Nikki. She thought the one I posted yesterday was the most boring in the scrap book so this one is brighter. I love it Nikki no matter what page it is.

We had a very long day today. I went in to town early and had a perm. I was ready to pull out my hair or shave it off. Just hated it. No matter what I tried it just was blah. I am not talented with hair at all. Love the perm and now I can quit fussing about that.

Then I did my yearly shopping for the Northeast Zone of Washington State Horsemen banquet. It is on Sat. The year end awards recipients get their choice of a trophy, money, crystal or silver. I as of the past few years do the crystal or silver shopping. Silver was a little hard to find for our budget but got it done today. Have a little to do for another little thing we do at the banquet and then I can go and enjoy it. Katie is toing with me this year. Bob does not think they are as enjoyable as I do.

When I did the chores this evening I had to chuckle. I feed the mares first and put them in their stalls. Pepper has to stay out till I get their gates closed or he tries to get in and share their grain before he goes to his. So when I let the girls in and shut the gate on his nose, he runs laps around the paddock area slipping and sliding. He is so funny. He knows he is going in but he has to do his little circles first.

Bob and went to the casino for dinner tonight. It was good to go and relax. Ran into some good friends of ours that we had not seen for a long time. It was good to give them aa big hug.

Despite the business, it was a good day.

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