Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sequoia's day

Our sweet pony Sequoia is going to a new home. We did not sell him but he is going on a use/lease agreement. They came and looked at him today. He is going to be the steed for a 4 year old named Gracie. I could not be happier. We have a good contract drawn up and it is for a year. Then we will see what happens. I am happy and I know Sequoia will enjoy being ridden almost daily.

I went and got some groceries and just got out of the house for a little while. That felt good. Bob will take my car tomorrow so house bound again but this time its fine. I need to get stuff together for the weekend and for the meeting on Saturday. He will do what he has to after work and gas up the car so we can leave first thing Sat. AM.

Raven just stands for her shot in the neck. She does not even lift her head from eating. There does not seem to be any improvement in her muzzle but she is eating well. When we aren't examining her face every day and not seeing her for a couple of days maybe we will see an improvement when we get back.

I am so worried about all this ice. Pepper went to his knees this morning after I put him out. It scared me silly. He did not like it but stood up and went on about his business. Dixie did that yesterday. I don't see it going away any time soon. I don't think we should use a chemical deicer on it where the horses are. There is really no place else to put them. Will have to think about that.

See ya tomorrow.


  1. How great is that? What a good deal for that family!!

    I don't know what to do about the ice either. None of my horses have gone down, but they're out on it all the time, so used to it. I decided that would be better than in and out because they might have to much pent up energy and run and slip. But I'm biting my nails with worry!! Today I did see our mare, Cowgirl, chase my horse, Cowboy over it, but they both kept good footing the whole time!!

  2. Even though there's hay over the ice, I've seen both my mustangs skid on the ice as they go up to their buckets to eat. I hate it! I'm afraid of falling too.

  3. Congratulations on finding a good place for Sequoia.

    About the ice, could Bob run the tractor over it and break it up? Or spread some old used bedding over the top of the ice? It would have to be cleaned up later, but might work for the time being.

  4. Thats so sweet. I wish it was my Gracie!!!:)